Introducing Venus Versa and the most advanced hair removal technology, with real comfort because of the real-time cooling system which means more comfort and no downtime!

How does the process work?

A non-invasive procedure, laser hair removal with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) removes unwanted and excess hair from those unwelcome areas or just about anywhere you are looking to eliminate the hair hassle. Those also who suffer from folliculitis, Pseudofolliculitis barbae, small red bumps or larger painful bumps, IPL is the answer for you.

Destroyed at the root, the hair follicle meets its match with the light from IPL, while the surrounding areas remain unharmed. Amazingly, Venus Versa has the ability to remove unwanted hair from any skin type or color.

Venus Versa IPL Laser

One of the trusted leaders in medical aesthetics, Venus Concept, the makers of the Venus Versa are a true leader in dermatology and skincare. Venus Versa treatments can gently remove unwanted and embarrassing hair from the back, neck, legs, bikini, underarms, arms, and anywhere else you find hair you would like to remove.

Pain free hair removal is now possible. Discomfort typically comes at minimal levels at most, but that will go away quickly and you will truly notice the difference from the lasers of yesterday.

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Individual results may vary, including but not limited to level of discomfort, downtime and recuperation and results.