Volume with extra comfort!

Because we know that over time cheeks soften or flatten, lips lose some luster, and lines begin to form or deepen in areas we wish we did not see, we have Voluma! At BeWell MedSpa our expert Voluma injector has the artistic skills needed to listen and work with you to achieve your beauty and dermal filler goals.

Voluma injections are available at BeWell MedSpa in varied formulations which allow our team to determine both a great product for optimal results, as well as which Voluma formulation will be virtually pain-free allowing for extra comfort. At BeWell we want you to look your best and be well and comfortable, and we do not think that's too much to ask for.

Aging affects got you down? Lift them up, with Voluma! Cheeks, fine lines and wrinkles, severe lines around the mouth or eyebrows and lips are areas where Voluma will work very well.

Our leading Voluma injector, Michal Kitai, ARNP, ensures optimal results by using a variety  of formulations and injection techniques to get you the best Voluma results possible. From time-to-time we also host special offers and deals on Voluma and special offers on Voluma to get you the cheapest prices on Voluma possible. 

Voluma filler is one of the best dermal fillers currently offered on the market, and is one of the best fillers for cheeks, lips, and under eyes. Voluma in cheeks offers the face a mini-facelift-look, with tighter skin and a more fresh, youthful look that lasts up to two years.

Voluma Treatment Areas

  • Parentheses lines around the mouth
  • Those 11's (elevens) by the eyebrows
  • Fill moderate to severe lines and wrinkles
  • Cheeks: lift, contour, and add volume

At BeWell MedSpa of Wilton Manors we know we can help you see the results you desire. Whether its Botox, Juvederm, or the brand new Kybella for chin and jawline fat, or PRP for facials you're after, our South Florida medspa experts are here to help you achieve the best beauty and aesthetic looks you're looking for.

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